Off-Grid Applications in Kentucky for Solar Energy from the Sun

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems are needed and are feasible in Kentucky for many applications, including situations in which the cost of connection to an Electric Power Grid is very expensive or is not feasible.

The type of Off-Grid electric systems varies with the specific application, but all have the common elements of Solar Panels and Solar Batteries/Energy Storage systems. For applications that must have un-interrupted power, a backup Generator may be needed for periods of extreme cold.

The energy from the Sun can be captured and utilized by employing Solar Panels or Solar Collectors.

The energy from Solar Panels comes in the form of Direct Current (DC) and can be utilized directly in conjunction with an energy storage system. In most cases however, the energy is converted to Alternating Current (AC) from DC Current, with a DC/AC electrical inverter.

The energy from Solar Collectors can be utilized by heat transfer to water for Heating or Cooling Applications.

Kentucky has enough annual sunlight to make Off-grid applications of Solar Energy feasible and affordable. Listed below are the average daily “Solar Hours” for various locations.


Listed below are a number of Off-Grid applications of Solar Energy:

Remote Pond/Lake Management
Remote Water Pumping
Remote Parking Lot Lighting
Off-Grid Warehouse
Remote Energy Source
Remote Irrigation
Heating/Cooling Swimming Pools
Hot Water Heating
Kiosk For Device Charging
Remote Small Homes and Cabins
Remote Outfall Monitoring and Control