AKiosk is being constucted adjacent to the Electrical Car Charging station at Wilderness Trace Solar inc. This Kiosk is meant to be a rest area for individuals who utilize the Electric Car Charging Station located at WTS 70 Stewarts Lane N, Danville, Kentucky.

Four 400 Watt Bifacial Solar panels are located on the South West Roof of the Kiosk. These panels are designed to charge Four Solar Batteries, which in turn are used to power LED Lights for the unit as well as two iPhone chargers. These interfacial panels are semi-transparent and transmit light to the inside of the unit. The panels can also utilize light from either side of the panels.

Because the LED Lights utilize DC (Direct Current) as do the iPhone chargers, there is no need to convert the power from the panels to AC (Alternating Current).

The schematic flow diagram for such a system is given below.

Process Diagram

  1. Four 400W Interfacial Solar Panels

    1. Direct Current (DC) -

    2. Solar Charge Controller
    3. DC-

    4. Solar Batteries
    5. DC-

    Phone Charges
    LED Lights

Photo Gallery of Kiosk