Warehouses are often built in remote locations. If the warehouse is to be a “Working Warehouse”, an evaluation can be made of whether to run Municipal Electricity Service to the site or to utilize a stand alone off-Grid solar powered system.

Such a warehouse at Culligan Water Conditioning of Danville has been outfitted with an Off-Grid Solar Power System. Although the warehouse is not physically remote and is adjacent to the main building (it was built several years after the main building was constructed) it is functioning as if it were remote. The “Working Warehouse” contains (1)a room for a maintenance technician , (2) a tank system for treatment of wastes from the deionization plant in the main building, (3) a 7,000 gallon tank storage system for rain water and (4) a Reverse Osmosis for treating the rainwater so it can be used in the deionization process in the main building. (5) Storage for up to Tons of Water Softener Salt.

The main electrical “Loads” for the warehouse are listed below. Because of the requirement to operate 365/7, the system also includes a Blue Ion Energy Storage System to be charged during daylight hours and an Automatic Kohler Backup Generator for the coldest winter months. The schematic flow sheet for the system is given below:

Process Diagram

  1. 12 365W Solar Panels

    1. Direct Current (DC) -

    2. Charge Controller
    3. DC-

    4. Blue Ion Energy Storage System
      Automatic Kohler Backup Generator
    5. DC-

    6. DC

      Electrical Inverter

    7. Alternating Current (AC) ∿

    8. Loads
    9. AC∿

    • 1/2 HP Recirculation Pump for Waste Water Treatment
    • 1/3 HP Pump for Culligan G-1 Reverse Osmosis Unit
    • Overhead Lighting -Twelve 75 Watt LED Lights
    • Controller for Two Overhead Heaters(Natural Gas)
    • (Electric) Air Conditioning System for Technician Room
    • Six 110V Electrical Outlets