There are many applications for remote solar-powered lighting. Two examples are lighting of parking lots and outside building lighting.

DC (Direct Current) LED lights are used because of their low power requirements and also because there is no need to convert the DC(Direct Current) from the Solar Panels to AC(Alternating Current).

The LED lights are programmed to automatically turn themselves “On” at Dusk and turn themselves “Off” at Dawn.

Solar power generated during the day is stored in the Solar Battery & then used during the night time hours (Dusk to Dawn).The components of these lighting systems are shown below.

Process Diagram

  1. 100W Solar Panel

    1. Direct Current (DC) -

    2. Charge Controller
    3. DC-

    4. Solar Battery
    5. DC-

    6. Optical Light Sensor
    7. DC-

    DC LED Lights